Collated reviews for all our meal replacement shakes

We understand that the best way for you to figure out how our meal replacement shakes work, and how they can be used, is to look through comments from customers just like yourself. This is why we've gone through the trouble to collate our reviews from other platforms (Google reviews, Facebook reviews etc.) here, through an independent 3rd party review aggregator (Yotpo). Before you get to them, here are a couple of things to note about these reviews:

  • These are real reviews from real people who have tried our shakes. We have not, and will never use fake or paid reviews
  • We do not censor or omit bad reviews. In our reviews, we've received plenty of feedback on the taste, texture, satiety and other relevant details on our meal replacement shakes. We'll leave you to sift through all of these details, and make an informed decision about whether our shakes will work out for you