Essential Shake
Low Carb Shake
Signature Shake
Premium Shake
Our entry level meal shake.
✔️ Good as a light meal
❌ Not as filling as our other shakes
❌ Not suitable for diabetics
Our low carb line for the carb conscious.
✔️ Great for diabetics
✔️ Great for weight loss
❌ Very lightly sweetened
A balanced shake suitable for all meals.
✔️ Good balance of complex carbs, protein, fatty acids and fiber
❌ Not suitable for diabetics
Our top-of-the-line meal shakes.
✔️ The most filling shake
✔️ Has the most protein and fiber
✔️ Packed with B-vitamins for mental focus
❌ Very lightly sweetened
From S$4.83 / meal From S$6.23 / meal From S$6.23 / meal From S$7.30 / meal
Keeps you full for
3-5 hours 4-5 hours 4-5 hours 5-6 hours
18g 21g 21g 30g
12g 13g 13g 15g
Sugar per 100Cal
4.1g 0-1g 3.7g 2.7g

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